What is WordPress?

WordPress is the most significant blogging software on the web, utilized by millions of web sites seen by tens of millions of men and women each day. It’s an open–source project with many volunteers working on it around the globe. With time, WordPress has expanded from a small blog setup tool into a mature content management platform for constructing all types of web sites.

This top rated app features a full website setup framework you can modify for your special requirements with just a few clicks. Thousands of widgets and plugins broaden its functionality to the level it can easily be applied for every kind of site – from a dog’s homepage up to a sizeable business web site. Furthermore, it’s 100% free – there’s no obligation to pay any individual a license fee.

WordPress is a trademark of the WordPress Foundation and shares no affiliation with Gleam Hosting.

WordPress–Optimized Hosting Services with a Point–and–Click Control Panel

As previously noted, WordPress is truly famous and nowadays, 1 from every 4 sites is run by WordPress. This has sparked a very high requirement for top notch WordPress cloud website hosting solutions. Which is why we offer WordPress–optimized cloud website hosting services. With Gleam Hosting, you could have WordPress installed right at sign–up. Additionally, you’ll have a 99.9% uptime guarantee for your website as well as a 24/7 technical support service.

You’ll be in the position to take care of everything that is connected to your website and your domain name from one place – our Hosting Control Panel. It’s built into all our WordPress–optimized cloud website hosting packages. It gives you a number of tools to aid you in managing your WordPress web site. You will receive a File Manager that offers drag–and–drop file uploads, a Databases Manager that allows 1–click database backups to be done, and a lot more.

Free WordPress Themes

Each individual WordPress–optimized cloud website hosting package offers a collection of zero cost WordPress layout templates, which you can download out of your Gleam Hosting Control Panel.

All the WordPress web templates supply you with almost limitless layout options, and are best for presenting your portfolio of works, for example multimedia elements like photographs, videos and podcasts. Gleam Hosting’s templates are aesthetically committed to certain topics, yet you can fully change the format elements of the selected theme to your own particular requirements.